IT Security for Royalty Software

This 2014 hack of the Sony computer system has lead many larger publishers to examine the security of their royalty software systems. The requirements in recent RFP’s often mention security as one of their key criteria. What is security for a royalty software? From our point of view royalty software security is composed of three components: Data file encryption […]

London Book Fair 2015

The London Book Fair (April 14 – April 16) presents an excellent opportunity to meet with book publishing software vendors and speak to their clients.

Software for Startup Publishers

New publishers on a shoestring budget need software for accounting, royalties, title information and editorial project management to manage their operations. With these tools in place they can focus on acquiring titles, publishing titles, marketing and sales.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 – Oct 8 thru Oct 12

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s larger book fair. In 2013 this fair hosted 7,275 exhibitors from 102 nations, 631 literary agents, about 9,300 journalists, 275,342 visitors and 170,664 professional visitors. At the Frankfurt Book Fair you can meet publishing software vendors and their clients. There is no better way to talk to the […]

Software Selection: Vendor Area of Expertise

An important criteria of any book publishing software purchase decision is the vendor’s area of expertise. Publishing software solutions often focus their development in a few specific areas. While some vendor solutions excel in financial management others focus on title information management, production management, royalties & rights, sales order processing or ecommerce sales. A vendor’s area of […]