Onix data file format is the global XML standard format for transmitting title information (called meta data). Onix files are accepted by retailers, on-line booksellers and wholesalers. You can can send Onix files to Amazon, BN.com, Books-a-Million, Ingram and Barnes and Nobles.

Standalone ONIX software solutions are; Book Connect, Firebrand’s Eloquence, OnixEdit,  NetRead’s JacketCaster, Stison Title Manager and Virtusales Bibliolive.

Book Connect (hosted solution)

Book Connect offers powerful, affordable, could-based title management with ONIX, metadata and seamless digital management and distribution. Offered in a variety of packages suitable for small to large publishers.

Functionality includes quality control systems, automated weekly sends, plugins for major distributors and optional e-book content distribution.

Book One’s unique plug-in architecture goes further than sending ONIX to partners. Book One integrates with partners through a large number of physical and digital “plug-ins” that can be added to your Book One system. Each plug-in can alter the outgoing data and the rules of the integration so that each partner is satisfied. Also, different publishers and even different titles can be custom assigned to different plug-ins.

Book One plug-ins allow for many kinds of integration: from ONIX sends and e-Book distribution to sales information, and real time data validation. Book One’s modular architecture has been designed to evolve and expand with you and the ever-changing industry.


FireBrand Technologies (hosted solution)

Firebrand Technologies offers a title information product call Eloquence.

Eloquence Solutions literally help organizations of all sizes – servicing publishers with one to 60,000 titles. No exaggeration. To meet the needs of a diverse clientele, the Eloquence service is based on a monthly subscription service charge, based on the number of active titles.

Eloquence Gold Plan

  • Weekly Data Distribution to ANY of our active Trading Partners – currently 150 partners. (You may request that we add new Trading Partners at no additional charge provided they accept one of our many existing formats. Files are sent in the format of the partners choice, including ONIX and several other standard formats.)
  • Jacket Image Processing and Delivery
  • Create Sales Support Resources like Tip Sheets, B&N Title Cards, Borders/Walden Sheets and more
  • Weekly Feedback report that identifies data issues
  • See a full audit of when your titles were last sent to us, and when they were last distributed to the Eloquence Trading Partners
  • See a full audit of whether we have received and transmitted all images related to each title
  • Ability to view your titles data on www.eloquenceweb.com, with links to bn.com, and Amazon.com

Eloquence does not ONLY send out your data in ONIX files. They send ONIX to those partners that prefer it and also send your data in spreadsheets, delimited files, and text files to our partners who prefer those forms. Of the 150+ partners they have, most still want title information in a spreadsheet.

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OnixEdit (hosted and PC based)

OnixEdit offers affordable hosted and PC based ONIX software solutions.

All of ONIXEDIT’s power rests in its sophisticated ONIX validation engine. With this engine the ONIX files that you produce will be 100% in compliance with the ONIX standards.  The engine is powerful enough to detect even the smallest errors. The ONIXEDIT validation engine detects problems and informs you immediately, giving exact details of the rules that have been infringed and formats which are invalid. Further, ONIXEDIT is provided with a pop-up window at the bottom of the screen which presents a summary of errors on a title. A double-click on an error takes you directly to the field where the problem lies. You also have available a function which takes you to the next error, so that you can correct any and all errors quickly.If you need to, you can integrate specialized validation functions for BTLF, Booknet Canada, BISG, BIC, and APA standards, and obtain immediate ONIX certification for these organizations.

Pricing starts at $99 Canadian. A free trial version is available.

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NetRead JacketCaster (hosted solution)

NetRead offers two software as a service products for ONIX title information.

JacketCaster Express is focused upon the small publisher. Providing the core ONIX conversion service with its automated book data distribution system, JacketCaster Express allows the small publisher the same benefits as other publishers at a discounted price. It’s a Do-It-Yourself service which requires hand-entering of data into the web interface; a sensible system for a publisher with a limited budget and limited catalog.

The complete version of JacketCaster is a marketing platform for book publishers, providing the following features to both small and large publishers.

  • Bulk Data Upload
  • ONIX Conversion
  • Book Channel Distribution
  • Marketing Tools
  • Data Analysis and Metrics
  • Buy Sheet Formation
  • Rich, Email Book Announcements
  • Phone and Email support

The administrator for the account can add as many users as necessary. There is no limit to the number of times you can send out title information.

The cost of the account is based on the number of titles that you intend to enter or upload. Most publishers choose to run all of their titles through JacketCaster since some book channels require full-catalog refreshes. Therefore, pricing generally corresponds to the number of ISBN’s the publisher has in print.

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Stison Title Manager (hosted solution)

As a web based system there is no installation or server required. Simple to use, with little or no training needed. An effective and easy way of generating ONIX, allowing easy catalogue creation, data distribution and quick referencing.

A one off cost for the system allows you to have as many users as you require. Stison does nott charge any extra to let more people within your business use it.

“Stison’s Title Manager System provided the correct balance of flexibility and security for handling our bibliographic information, the system is so feature rich that we are discovering new ways that it can help us. I am already looking at other Stison products that can help us in the future.”
Tony Hetherington, Digital Development Manager, Gill Macmillan

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VirtuSales BiblioLive (hosted solution)

Bibliographic & Editorial Data Management used by publishers such as The Random House Group (UK), The Penguin Group, Hachette UK, Harvard University Press and Candlewick Press.

  • All metadata stored centrally
  • XML output for catalog production
  • ONIX Wizard and feed generator
  • Sales and marketing data management
  • Author and contact management
  • Image management facility – jacket & author images, spreads and barcodes
  • Catalog management and creation

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