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Book publishers with revenue of $1M to $50M have a wide choice of book publishing ERP software solutions.

Top Eight Solutions (2014)

In the United States the top eight book publishing software vendors are; Acumen Book, IBS Bookmaster, Klopotek, knkPublishing, Media Services Group, Publishing Technology, Trilogy Publishing and Virtusales.

  1. Acumen Book is known for their affordability and ecommerce functionality. Easy data conversion for Cats Pajamas clients. (180+ clients)
  2. IBS Bookmaster is known for their distribution management and resource planning functionality. Favored by educational publishers that deal with sets and coursepacks. (100+ clients) and publishers with warehouse & fulfillment operations.
  3. Klopotek excels in editorial and production management. They offer an affordable hosted solution for small presses and a more powerful solution for larger publishers. (350+ clients in Europe and North America)
  4. knkPublishing expanded its US operations to build on sales to A Beka Book, US Naval Institute and Augsburg Fortress. It is known for its seamless integration with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV financial accounting solution.
  5. Media Services Group Ltd. Élan solution supports book and magazine products.
  6. Publishing Technology’s Advance product is known for it’s customizability and highly scalable ecommerce solutions. (Publishing Technology has 100+ clients)
  7. Trilogy Publishing, represented in the United States by Trilogy North America, offers a .NET solution that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains). Experienced in implementations at book distributors.
  8. Virtusales solutions are used by Random House, Candlewick, Harvard University Press, Rosetta Books and Syracuse University Press in the USA.

ERP Solutions for Medium Sized Publishers

Acumen Book

Acumen Book Publishing Software

ACUMEN Book is an integrated ERP software with a true Windows graphical user interface. It handles order processing, inventory management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial reporting, job costing, purchase orders, direct mail analysis and contact management. Optional modules for e-commerce, digital asset distribution, EDI, on-line credit card authorization, consignment sales, foreign currency transactions, point of sale, subscriptions, VAT, and fulfillment import for publishers that use an outside service or distributor for order fulfillment.

The Acumen book publishing software allows you to start with a license for a few users and add more as your company grows. The  software is updated quarterly with new features and clients can vote on-line for the new features that they want to see implemented. Acumen Book is targeted at companies with $500K to $50M in sales with prices starting at about $20,000 including implementation.

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Opinion: Acumen’s has the largest market share; 180+ clients, among publishers with sales of $1M to $15M.


Whether you’re selling online content, subscriptions, books or other products, you can manage them all in one integrated system. The Advantage Computing Systems solution enables publishers and information distributors to market, sell, and deliver products and information to their customers, and then analyze the results, with the goals of increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

What sets Advantage apart from other solutions is their strong support for subscription and publisher sponsored book clubs. The book club module provides you with absolute flexibility to adjust product offerings and timing of order generation based on responses, selections, tests or other factors. Their digital media access media functionality supports; pay per view, time based access, number of downloads, issue based access and electronic distribution.  For licensing to consortia Advantage supports a wide range of pricing models.



Avatar-2AVATAR is a fully integrated, module based business management system, specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of publishers and distributors. It has been developed and is supported by PKF Littlejohn, one of the UK’s top 40 firms of chartered accountants, based in London. In addition to its core financial management ledgers, the full range of AVATAR modules includes Title Management, Rights and Royalties and Business Intelligence. ONIX compliant.


Cats Pajamas

This software is no longer being marketed by the Media Services Group. Existing users are encouraged to upgrade to their Elan Book hosted software solution.

Focus on Publishing

Focus Publishing LogoFocus is an integrated production management and accounting solution for book publishers with optional modules for EDI and title information management.

Focus on Publishing software is used by 29 companies in the United Kingdom and a company in Nigeria.

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Hipoint Logo

Hipoint Ultralight provides publishers with a low cost standalone title bibliographic and royalties solution. HiPoint is designed by a Canadians to meet the needs of Canadian publishers.

Hipoint Professional is a scalable book publishing software solution for publishers with sales up to $50M.

  • ISBN-13 Compliant
  • Built in BookNet Canada Compliant EDI
  • BookNet Canada compliant Bibliographic Data

Web Site:

Opinion: We like Hipoint. Canadian publishers should look at Hipoint when evaluating their software options. HiPoint is scalable and and easy to use.

IBS Bookmaster

The IBS Bookmaster book publishing software ERP solution is used by over 110 publishers worldwide. It is known for its best of breed warehouse management and distribution software in addition to fast implementations.

As a division of IBS, a publicly traded company with sales exceeding $300M USD, it is one of the more financially stable vendors in the industry. Bookmaster is targeted at book publishers with sales of $10M to $2B with prices starting at about $100,000.

Web Site:

Opinion: IBS Bookmaster’s staff is the most experienced in implementing warehouse and distribution management solutions for book publishers, and has a track record of rapid implementations.


iPUB is a modern publishing business system that is a compilation of over 30 years of experience serving the book industry. iPUB is a complete order management system for handling such things as royalties, order entry, customer management, real time inventory, accounts receivable, commissions, shipping, EDI, comprehensive sales analysis and so much more.  iPUB data can interface with  and nourish various 3rd party applications such as  Excel, Credit Card Processing, AP/GL and your website.   Both Hosting and Licensing available.

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Klopotek is a leading ERP solution used by over 250 publishers. They are known for their excellent contracts, royalties, rights and production management software. They have offices in Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA. Klopotek runs on an Oracle database.

Their target market is publishers with sales of $30M to $2B.

For small publishers Klopotek offers an affordable SaaS (Software as a Service) solution set that provides standardized processes, a single point of entry and sophisticated applications support that enables high quality metadata, secure data and leading edge applications to fit front running business models. Of most interest in this sector are the Klopotek PPM Contracts, Rights & Royalties and PPM Production  Planning Modules.

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Opinion: Klopotek offers powerful contract, rights, royalties and production management solutions along with an affordable $365/yr stand-alone title acquisition planning software called Editorial Planner.

Knk Publishing

knk Book Publishing SoftwareKnk offers a suite of Microsoft certified publishing specific optional modules that integrate with the Microsoft Navision software.

The Knk publishing software has been developed for the business organization of small and medium-sized editors of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, electronic media and other kinds of media (e.g. yellow pages, calendars and so on). It handles a publishers editorial requirements and pays attention to the newest and important developments in this industry, i.e. eBooks, new media; standardization of information interchange with authors, surveyors, printers; and best business practices in the publishing industry.

40% of knk clients have 200-500 concurrent users, 55% have 30-199 concurrent users and 5% have less than 30 concurrent users.

To learn more contact Oliver Holden at

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Media Services Group

Media Services offers hosted solutions for book publishers, magazine publishers and event organizers. Offices in Brazil, Canada, USA and United Kingdom.

The software in their Book solution provides features specific to the needs of publishers and works seamlessly with their Élan CRM and eCommerce Solution as well as their financial suite of products to create a single environment where you can easily and efficiently manage every aspect of your book publishing business.

As a cloud-based application service provider (ASP), they supply the robust hardware, up-to-date software, high bandwidth, server security and system administration to keep you focused on your business and not on a complex technology infrastructure.



Schilling offers stand-alone and hosted solutions for publishers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Schilling focuses on providing publishers a fully integrated e-publishing solution. Imagine a publisher operating 24 hours a day with order processing and automatic royalty calculations, bound books published at the same time as e-books, automatic reprints according to demand and a stock kept on the same server. All of which is carried out by fewer resources.

Shilling’s customer base of 40+ publishers includes small, medium and large companies.

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Trilogy Publishing

Publishing Manager does not just offer to save you time and money but gives you the opportunity to enhance profitability and turnover through active marketing, greater knowledge of customers buying history, improved efficiency and the automation of time-consuming, routine tasks. This publishing solution also features rights and royalty functionality along with production management and support for subscription products.

This book publishing software solution runs on a Windows MS SQL server platform and is written in VB and .NET. It is among the few software solutions; including IBS Bookmaster, Klopotek and Vista, that offer integrated production management.

Web Site:
Web Site:


BiblioLite is the hosted, leading edge publishing system that enables you to capture title information easily and accurately in a single integrated database, and use it in a variety of ways to increase business efficiency.

The following modules are available as part of BiblioLite
  • Bibliographic and Editorial Data Management
  • Production and Print Control
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Contracts, Rights and Royalties